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SFS Headline News: Marco the Battle Tank cruised to his first ever SFS win on the first Fall Classic as he clawed his way back to the leaders on the dastardly Pink Church finish and motored past them like they were standing still. A stout group of a dozen or so superheroes rolled out 65 miles at an impressive 21 mile-per-hour average, led by the brutish and insensitive pulls of Dalford the Shire England, Liam Jedi Master Ainslee and the Left Coast Lancelot Erik Gruenwedel. The group was all smiles after a rip-roaring, raucous day.

Jefferson / Pink Church:

  1. Marco the Tank
  2. Just Joshin
  3. Austin Hilliard

14 September / Saturday: The Independent Baking Company Lexington Classic: $10 gift certificate to Independent Baking Co to winner.

Time:  9 a.m. (window open) NEW START TIME!

Length:  3.5 hours  /  70 miles

When: Saturday

Where: The Hub / 5 Points (Athens)

Exit Route: College Station

Pee Break: 1 hour / Mile

STORE STOP: Lexington (Mile 37)

Intermezzo Sprints:

  1. Gene Dixon Hill Jam (Mile 51): Chocolate Croissant to winner

Garmin Edge 500:

Final Sprint Zone: Billy Melton Road / WBL line in road: Attack Zone opens when group turns left on Smithonia Road. Go 1 k and turn right on Billy Melton Road. Sprint line is 1.5 miles away.